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Some of my favorite childhood memories are baking strawberry shortcake with Grandma and Christmas cookies with Nana.  I've always loved to cook, try new recipes, and experiment with new ingredients.

My love for baking started to grow when my daughter was born and I began making her birthday cakes. I watched every cake decorating show on TV and learned different techniques as well as working with all types of sweets.

I decided to start making cupcakes for different events and school parties (mainly because they are easier to serve and eat!)  I loved turning my favorite cake recipes into fun and delicious cupcakes!  Everyone that tasted them had the same response, "You need to open a bakery."  So after years of hesitation, lots of prayers, and a God-inspired dream...Sugar Momma's Cupcakes began.  

Our goal at SMC is to make lives a little sweeter one cupcake at a time!  

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